Monthly archives: December, 2012

Sunday, sunny day

I woke up early today with ONE thing on my mind. Running. I got out of bed and to be honest I had my running shoes laced up before I even got fully dressed (off they went to put some pants on..). I felt great heading out running today, my legs felt light and fast…

I’m Happy!

Some of you might have noticed that I haven’t been as active here on the blog and on Twitter lately. There’s been a lot to deal with in my personal life and I had to focus a lot on myself and my reality here to get through it.

I’ve mentioned that I’m not from the US,…

BondiBand Review And Giveaway

BondiBand were nice enough to send me 3 of their headbands – one for me to try out and two for me to give away to my readers here on the blog.

On the go! #17

My Run In Pictures – Dec 6th

I found my ENERGYbits and got #poweredbybits.


On the go! #16

Hawaii Means Home

This is the island. The Big Island. It’s also my home.

Well, hello there December!

I can’t say that I’ve been longing for you, but now when you’re here I definitely see the greatness of you.

I’ve been away from my family and friends back home since May. I miss them like crazy, but for a few reasons I can’t leave the country (USA, that is) right now so it’s going…

I’m Back!

Seems like November turned out to be a shitty month for me with my running and the other goals. I just haven’t been feeling that great….