Monthly archives: November, 2012

My Run In Pictures – Nov 9th

Representing Sweden and #sweatpink. Good stuff!

evelinruns on Instagram

If you’re curious about what’s going on in my life and the blog just isn’t enough for you, you can find me on two other places:

1. Twitter

2. …

My Run in Pictures – Nov 7th

Ready to go! #poweredbybits and focused.

Meet RunnersKnees!

Over in London, Darren who blogs at and tweets under the name @RunnersKnees, is running around just like I do over here. He definitely has been going further than I ever have, finishing a lot of races and doing it fast! We swapped some questions to let our readers…

I’m getting my Mustache on!

Since I’m staying in Seattle longer than I thought there’s a few things I’m especially happy about. One is getting to celebrate my first Thanksgiving in the US with friends in Seattle and the other one is:


On the go! #14

My Run In Pictures – Nov 4th

After getting #poweredbybits I stepped outside waiting for my Garmin to get ready to go.

November Goals

November, huh? I totally didn’t see that one coming and I’ve been stressed out the last few days because I haven’t posted my November Goals yet. So here goes:

1. Keep doing #plankaday

I’m going to keep doing my planks (I usually do side and regular plank pose), they feel good and they’re easy to get in…

My Run In Pictures – Nov 2nd

Being here in Seattle, WA, I don’t have to get up 5am to get my run in before the heat hits like back home in Hawaii. I’m enjoying sleeping in to 8am and let it warm up a little bit outside before I go for my runs. Today I took the bus to Green Lake…

A Summary of October

I had some goals for the month of October and I have to say I’m a little bit disappointed with myself. Sure, I did meet the goals most of the weeks, but I could’ve done better. I guess I have to bow to the fact that I spent a week being under the…