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#AFphotoaday – 20

(this cat is a sweetheart, I promise)


On the go! #9

It’s not always bright and sunny

Today when I woke up at 5.30am I had a run planned. But as soon as I opened my eyes I realized that I did not feel great – my throat felt sore and my body was hurting. I decided to be nice to myself and stay in bed for a few hours and postpone…

Run for Miracle

The last couple of days I’ve been seing the hashtag “runforMiracle” on Twitter and as I started reading about it I was absolutely touched by the story behind this. If you are a runner, please consider visiting the website below and pledge your miles for a good cause. It cost you nothing but I know…

#AFphotoaday – 19



#AFphotoaday – 18



On the go! #8

#AFphotoaday – 17


Top 3 Running/Workout Songs #1

I’ve mentioned before that I always run with music. Without my dear Spotify running on the iPhone during my runs I feel lost (to be honest, I haven’t gone without music more than maybe 0,5K).

I ALWAYS want new music ideas to add to my running playlists and I’m thinking that I’ll share my Top 3…

About Races

When I started running in May this year I remember saying to my dad (who’s been finishing x amount of Marathons, Half Marathons and 10K races) that “I will probably never do a race”. At that time I was struggling to get around a 3K loop and I just could not believe that I’d ever…