Ultimate Coffee Date Cherries

Ultimate Coffee Date February 2015

I love coffee. And I also love meeting up with friends for a “fika” (a Swedish word) to share some time and thoughts with a cup of coffee in my hand. When I heard about the Ultimate Coffee Date link-up from my fellow SweatPink sisters I couldn’t not join in the fun. So, grab a

SKORA Core Review

SKORA Core Review

After running in SKORA Running shoes for about 18 months I had tried all models except the one, so I decided to finally give in and buy the loved-by-many but new-to-me model – CORE. I have now had the shoes for a while and figured I would give you my thoughts on them in this

SKORA Fit Winner

SKORA Running FIT Winner!

A new year is here, happy happy new year my friends! Since I haven’t had time to write the last few days I just wanted to very quickly drop by and tell you who the lucky SKORA Running Fit winner was, because… Well, I know you all want to win! Sadly there will be only

Runners Tell All

Runners Tell All: Reflection of 2014 and Goals for 2015

I used to be a good blogger, and back then I loved to join The Lady Okie and Sunshine to The Square Inch in their monthly link up Runners Tell All. I have been slacking with the blogging (and therefor the Runners Tell All), but I figured it’s not too late to join in for the

Year of Running 2014

Year of Running 2014

Amanda over at MissZippy is doing a yearly running recap link-up called Year of Running, and as I joined her last year I figured I would do so this year too. Best race experience? If by race you mean racing myself down the streets of my hometown – every single interval session that I’ve done this

Holiday Giveaway SKORA Running Fit

Holiday Giveaway – SKORA Running FIT

Christmas is ALMOST here and I am VERY excited about it! If there’s anything I really love (and wish I could do more of), it’s sharing with people around me. Especially sharing the things I truly love. Like running, coffee, hugs, SMILES and.. SKORA Running! You know I’m truly and utterly IN LOVE with my Skoras and

Friday 5

It’s Friday (yes, still very much Friday in Hawaii)! I haven’t done a Friday 5 in what seems like forever, but, since it’s Friday the 5th and also Day 5 of my #decemberRunStreak I figured I’d make it happen AND make it a little different this time, so here goes: Day 1 Day 2 Day 3



A new month has begun! As if that’s not reason enough to celebrate, it’s DECEMBER! Since moving to the US, and maybe specifically hawaii, I have felt kind of disconnected when it comes to Christmas and other fall/winter/spring holidays. I’ve definitely been more jealous of all of you who are blessed with seasons, than I’ve been

There are Reasons

There Are Reasons..

I have been quiet for a while. Again. I know, I’m a bad blogger. But there are reasons, many of them, and they’re all pretty good reasons to be disconnected from the blogosphere. Here’s a few of them: Puppies! Lately I’ve been volunteering taking care of two puppies who were found by one of my

Sunday Runday

Sunday Runday 9/28/14

I was so excited about Sunday Runday and couldn’t wait to get out the door for my run this morning. After last Sunday’s post I had decided to bring my phone and to get more photos to share with you.. So determined to make this happen I didn’t even think about the fact that I