Friday 5

It’s Friday (yes, still very much Friday in Hawaii)! I haven’t done a Friday 5 in what seems like forever, but, since it’s Friday the 5th and also Day 5 of my #decemberRunStreak I figured I’d make it happen AND make it a little different this time, so here goes: Day 1 Day 2 Day 3



A new month has begun! As if that’s not reason enough to celebrate, it’s DECEMBER! Since moving to the US, and maybe specifically hawaii, I have felt kind of disconnected when it comes to Christmas and other fall/winter/spring holidays. I’ve definitely been more jealous of all of you who are blessed with seasons, than I’ve been

There are Reasons

There Are Reasons..

I have been quiet for a while. Again. I know, I’m a bad blogger. But there are reasons, many of them, and they’re all pretty good reasons to be disconnected from the blogosphere. Here’s a few of them: Puppies! Lately I’ve been volunteering taking care of two puppies who were found by one of my

Sunday Runday

Sunday Runday 9/28/14

I was so excited about Sunday Runday and couldn’t wait to get out the door for my run this morning. After last Sunday’s post I had decided to bring my phone and to get more photos to share with you.. So determined to make this happen I didn’t even think about the fact that I



I have some exciting SKORA news to share with you all: Today SKORA Running released the new Fall/Winter line and I am SO EXCITED about it! I know I go on and on and on about these shoes, but what to do when you are madly in love with a shoe brand and feel SO

Sunday Runday 9/21/14

Sunday Runday 9/21/14

And so did another Sunday Runday come (and almost go, it’s 7pm here in HI) again. I keep tweeting about it, and after noticing a fellow SweatPink Ambassador doing a blogpost link up I thought I’d join in the fun and  share my #SundayRunday with you. I obviously didn’t have time to take too many

Barnana Review

Barnana Review – New Flavors!

Earlier this summer I was contacted by Barnana asking if I was interested in doing a Barnana Review. Since I had tried Barnana (and loved them) before, I was eager to try the two new flavors out! Who and what is Barnana? It all started in 1981 when my father began dehydrating bananas from our

Hüma Gel Review

Hüma Gel Review – Blueberries & Mangoes

Last year I was fortunate enough to write a Hüma Gel Review here on, I fell in love with these natural and very tasty “gels” right away. I was earlier this year sent two new flavors to try and review..  What is Hüma? Hüma Gels are 100% natural and the ingredients are all pronounceable

Flashback Friday

Flashback Friday: That Time We Went Camping

A few weekends ago my husband was lucky enough to get not just two, but THREE, days off work and we decided to go camping, since that is something we’ve been wanting to do for a while now. The Big Island (Hawai’i) is, as the name hints, pretty big and there is A LOT to

10 Random Facts

10 Random Facts

The other day I got tagged on Twitter to participate in a 10 Random Facts challenge going around. I happily joined in but actually decided not to tag 10 people to challenge. I thought I would share my 10 Random Facts here too, and in case you want to join in, please do so! 1.